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Complete lines and intralogistic

Complete lines and intralogistic

For the beverage and food industry, we offers complete lines, automatic warehouse, picking and marshalling. We design solutions with high flexibility and reliability, by measuring the right level of automation compared to the level of complexity and to the available budget to invest.

Automated storage system

Our automated storage system can offer a wide range of solutions to boost productivity, with flexible and innovative technologies for material handling. The aim is to get “what you needed when you needed”. Our systems can also fit to e... Learn More

Picking technologies

The picking technologies are not only one of the most expensive and intensive in a warehouse, but they have also the highest error rates. We have advanced picking technologies in order to reduce the ditribution time, to facilitate picking and to r... Learn More

Marshalling technologies

The marshalling technologies allow you to consolidate the pallets efficiently and quickly, leading to a significantly increase productivity and reduce costs. It is much simpler, faster and efficient than typical systems with truck normally used t... Learn More

Complete bottling lines

Design, manufacture, install, commissioning… Managing a complete line is very complex and requires some key points in the company’s organization. Organization offered by the complete bottling lines.  In order to reach the succes... Learn More

Complete canning lines

Many drinks can be filled in cans. Cans can be standard, sleek, or slim size and our complete canning lines handle with a very fast change over different size of cans. Beer, juice, carbonated and alcoholic drinks, tea, coffee, energetic drinks, i... Learn More

Complete kegging lines

The beer, wine or soft drinks have to be processed as much hygienically as possible, and it is important to avoid the oxygen absorption. Our complete kegging lines can handle metallic keg or pet, returnable and non-returnable keg. If you are fil... Learn More

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